Sarah Duckett


A combination of a winning attitude, positive outlook and exceptional skills in customer service, marketing and a wealth of knowledge of the Clarence Valley provides a snapshot of Sarah Duckett, Principal of L J Hooker, Yamba, NSW. She believes passionately of the vision of L J Hooker “Make Dreams Happen”. So how does she achieve this?

Firstly, Sarah has a strong appetite for the Lower Clarence Area having lived in the area for over 20 years, worked in hospitality and retail, completed her schooling and participated in many sporting activities including Netball, Golf, Swimming, Athletics and Surfing. After completing a degree in Education, Sarah sought to extend her experience by travelling to the Middle East where she was employed by international schools and Universities for a period of 7 years in which she also completed her Master of Education. This invaluable experience extended her customer service knowledge and ability to communicate with a range of differing nationalities and languages and equipping her with the unique understanding of the importance of not only meeting client needs but exceeding them. In her own words she describes the importance of these skills by stating “In today’s world, it is simply not enough to offer a service that provides a stated outcome, but customers need to be listened to in order to ascertain their particular needs and most importantly to deliver on services agreed to”.

Secondly, Sarah possesses a keen eye for opportunities to showcase the many facets of the organization by seeking innovative products to enhance the day to day activities of the business including researching and trialing the latest software and overseeing its implementation. Her training experience has added value in this respect showcasing and educating staff on how new processes and software enhance their role and provide increased value to customers.

Finally, the role of Principal and her interest in marketing and computer technology is extremely varied and her role therefore is both diverse and challenging. In the new era of digital marketing and social media, Sarah excels in researching and sourcing the most powerful and innovative ways to advise both current and prospective customers of the many varied options to advertise their property to the right clientele. Within the Lower Clarence there are many residents and tourists who rely on local media to source information and therefore regular property features in local newspapers and radio is an important adjunct to ensuring information is received on the key role that this business plays in the local community and broader outlying areas. Sarah prides herself on continually researching ways in which to maintain involvement in the local community and contributing to the many local events that happen around the Lower Clarence area.

In addition to the continual development of L J Hooker, Yamba she seeks to provide an all round service to clients through a unique network of businesses incorporated into one model referred to as Yamba Beach Resorts; her role therefore is comprehensive and involves skills in marketing, business development and general account bookkeeping which keeps her on her toes. When asked how she incorporates all these skills and duties she states: “Managing a large business is very similar to managing my family of 4 children – it is challenging for sure but there is never a dull moment and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I guess I have always been led by a vision to continually improve and am very goal oriented – for this reason I am perfectly placed to assist in making dreams happen for others”.